Get the Best Portable Shower Trailers

Are you looking for portable shower trailer rentals for your some special project or event? portable shower trailers makes it easy to find the best and reliable portable toilet for rent. They offer many facilities including shower units, handicapped facilities, luxury shower trailers and more, according to your need.

Available in all sizes

Even the toughest of reviewers surely gets impressed from the variety of features available in the luxury portable shower s. They do contain a variety in size from small single trailers with only one separate stall each for gents and ladies to very large services that will have room for a huge number of people. There are shower rental which would fir any budget with many different models available today. They can be rented according to the customer’s requirements, for a day, week, month, or even for extended period of time if needed. Whether it’s small or large, these portable shower s are furnished with the most comfortable, well-designed and stylish interiors.

There are some features which might be found easily on some of the smaller models are hardwood floors, porcelain toilets, interior and exterior lights, stereo systems with AM/FM reception and CD players, skylights, vanity lights above the sinks, heating units, air conditioning and china pedestal sinks. Maple trim, built in wet bars and marble walls are some of the extravagant features are also included in the higher end facilities. These units are also available in family friendly facilities which include private showers, benches, baby changing stations, lockers, weight scales, suite dryers and wheelchair accessible models.

Is it safe to use portable shower trailer? Yes, it is. In terms of environmental friendly and safety, these types of shower rentals include features like city water and sewer hookups, fire proof entrance and exit doors, solar power capabilities and many more. Some of the shower s may even have the option of being green by using products which are environmentally friendly. The water hookups and sewer allows the portable shower s to have clean water running in the sinks and flushing toilets with a sewage system ensures to have a clean fresh smell in the bathroom. These options, and coupled with some tastefully decorated interiors, helps the luxury portable shower to make you feel like a bathroom that you would have find in someone’s house. During the longer events that contain a larger number of people, the hookup system in these shower s allows it to be used for a longer time period without even being serviced.

Different options and models are available today where they could be used in a variety of events, situations and events because of the diversity of these luxury portable shower s. These bathrooms are also useful at army bases, large warehouses, sports arenas, airports, office spaces and even in sales centers.

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