Inside Cassadaga the city of mediums

Cassadaga is an isolated small community found in Volusia County, Florida. The town is characterized by the large number of mediums who live there; this has seen the city being named the “city of mediums”. Cassadaga was founded on the principles of spiritualism by a medium known as George P. Colby in the year 1875. Colby intended to make Cassadaga a retreat for his followers who believed that they can contact the dead via readings and seances, but now Cassadaga has developed into a permanent residential location with a hotel, bookstore and various social halls.

The Cassadaga mediums profess to have natural vibratory energies which merge with spiritual energies enabling information about one’s future and fortunes to come through. The mediums say the information comes from God through the spirits. Certified Cassdaga mediums offer spiritual counselling commonly known as reading; the Cassadaga mediums make use of psychic tools such as palm reading and tarot cards to receive process and deliver messages from the higher spirit plane. This higher spirit plane is composed of people who had passed early on and god himself.